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Information for Organ Transplant Recipients Diagnosed with COVID-19

If an organ transplant recipient is diagnosed with COVID-19, the patient should be isolated in accordance with the instructions of the Centre for Health Protection, and should always pay attention to their physical condition and personal and environmental hygiene. Organ transplant recipients are high-risk category. If you have mild infection symptoms, such as fever, cough, and sore throat, please make an appointment at the HA’s designated COVID-19 clinics to get prescriptions for COVID-19 medicines as soon as possible. Please see information of HA’s COVID-19 designated clinics at: Patients should go to the emergency room immediately if they develop any warning symptoms, such as: 1. Persistent fever or low temperature 2. Convulsions 3. Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath 4. Aphasia or inability to move 5. Loss of consciousness 6. Chest or abdominal pain 7. Dizziness or confusion or a marked change in mental state 8. Weakness or unsteady gait 9. Poor appetite, or diarrhea and vomiting For medical enquiries, please call the HA hotline at 1836 115.


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