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Venue: Granville and Nathan Rooms, Lower Lobby, Conrad Hotel, Admiralty.

We are glad to have invited Prof. Andrzeji Wiecek, Head of the Chair and Department of Nephrology, Transplantation and Internal Medicine at Medical University of Silesia, Poland, to give a talk on management of high-risk kidney transplant recipients.

Starting from 2019, young fellows are being invited to give lectures on case management of organ transplant donor or recipients. Dr. Gordon Chan highlighted the pros and cons of accepting deceased kidney transplant donors who developed acute kidney injury.

Management of infectious disease in organ transplant recipients is always challenging. The Annual Scientific Meeting talk on this topic by Dr. Owen Tsang is well attended.

PowerPoint slides (PDF version)

Session 1:

ASM 2019 - Use of Organs from Expanded Criteria of High Risk Donors <Download>

ASM 2019 - What is the limit of Living Liver Donor <Download>

Session 2:

ASM 2019 - Donor kidney with AKI <Download>

ASM 2019 - Donor kidney with Renal Stones <Download>

ASM 2019 - Impact of Graft Steatosis on Long term Survival in Liver Transplantation<Download>

Session 3:

ASM 2019 - Update on Fungal infection after solid-organ transplantation <Download>

ASM 2019 - Presentation on PTLD <Download>

Session 4:

ASM 2019 - Management of High Risk Kidney Transplant Recipients <Download>


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