To support the organ donation, Hong Kong Medical Association has organised Spring Sowers Organ Donation Promotion Walk on 13 January 2019.

Besides the initiative to arouse the organ donation awareness, the HKMA uses the theme of Spring Sowers “春耕行動” to denote the hard work for the promotion work.

Participants joined the walk and were pledged to invite five friends or relatives to sign up in the Central Organ Donation Registry.

Your can find the Application Form here

We attended the launching ceremony of 「大愛恩人」on 17 June 2017.
The meaningful program will be effective from 1 July 2017. Cadaveric donor family can consider the option to scatter the ash of the donor at 將軍澳紀念花園, 將軍澳華人永遠墳場. Hong Kong Kidney Foundation will make a (individual) plaque for the family. Hopefully this will be a recognition of the donor and family for the organ donation.