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Hong Kong Transplantation Society



The Hong Kong Transplantation Society (HKST) was established in March 1995 to promote transplant related research and education, to increase the public's interest in organ donation and the latest advance in transplantation.


HKST is delighted to announce a great opportunity for secondary school students to participate in an international Transplantation Congress (the 18th Congress of the Asian Society of Transplantation, CAST) which will be held in August 2023 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Through the Transplantation@HK student video contest, secondary school students can produce video to explore the challenge and development in organ donation and transplantation, and to promote organ donation.


The winning video will be shown in the opening/ closing ceremony of the CAST.




  • Participants must be secondary school students

  • Individual or a team with a maximum of 4 people

  • Each student / team can only submit one entry

  • There is no limit to the number of teams in each school

  • Participants will be invited to attend a ZOOM workshop in December 2022. The workshop will cover (1) video shooting skill and (2) basic knowledge about organ donation and transplantation. Participants will receive email notification about the details of the zoom workshop.



The video needs to cover one of the following themes:

  • Organ donation

  • Latest advances in Transplant Medicine

  • Transplantation and ethics

  • Sharing from patients, doctors and nurses



Video formats:

Length:  3-5 minutes

Language: English or Chinese (prefer to include English subtitles for video in Chinese)

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 or above

Screen ratio: 16:9

Please provide a description of not more than 100 words to explain concepts of the video during video submission



Registration deadline: 15 December 2022

Submission deadline: 28 February 2023

Online polling: 15 March 2023 to 15 April 2023

Release of results: 15 July 2023


Online Registration and Video Submission

Online registration

Participant will receive email notification about the details of ZOOM workshop and guide of video submission

Upload video to designated YouTube account as an unlisted video before 28 February.

Please include the name of the team in the video title

Zoom Workshop

Date:        29 December 2022

Tutor:        Mr Leecat Ho, Film Director

                 Dr Ka-foon CHAU, Honorary President, Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association

                 Dr Kam-man MA, President, Hong Kong Society of Transplantation

Content:   Video shoot skill and knowledge on organ donation and transplantation


The winner will be awarded in the opening ceremony of CAST in August 2023

The winning video will also be shown in the opening ceremony

1 Gold Award: One trophy and HKD 1,500

1 Silver Awards: One trophy and book voucher of HKD 1,200

1 Bronze Awards: One trophy and book voucher of HKD 800

2 Merit Award: One trophy and book voucher of HKD 500



1st phase: online polling of submitted video to shortlist the 10 most popular video for 2nd phase assessment


2nd phase: assessment by Judging Committee to select the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit awardee according to the below assessment criteria:

  • Content (30%): relevance to theme and depth of knowledge

  • Attractiveness (30%): resonating ideas which can arise pubic interest

  • Creativity (20%): innovative concepts, unique presentation

  • Production (20%): film making technique


* The Judging Committee is composed of members appointed by HKST including Dr Kelvin Kai-Wah LEE from Hong Kong Baptist University School of Communication and members from HKST Council 


Other terms and condition:

  1. The video production must be participating team’s original work without copyright infringement

  2. The video must not contain obscene, violent, pornographic, defamatory, objectionable, insulting or any of the controversial and inappropriate content.

  3. The copyright of the video rests with the organizer. HKST has the right to edit or broadcast the video to public

  4. The organizer reserves all rights to amend the terms and conditions and rules and regulations of the competition.

  5. The organizer’s decision regarding the rule of contest and choice of winners are final

  6. Participants have to accept the above terms and conditions.





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